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An iPhone with both USB-C and Lightning? Why not?

Apple is rumored to be working on an iPhone with USB-C this year, but creative users have taken matters into their own hands and built their own iPhones with USB-C. The latest of these modifications was made by an engineer who created an iPhone with a USB-C port and a Lightning port side by side.

The iPhone mod comes from an engineer on YouTube. With the iPhone 12 mini (although any iPhone is supposed to work), the engineer added another port to the iPhone. This means that not only is the modified iPhone capable of using the modern USB-C standard, but it can also do something as simple as listening to music through wired headphones while charging. Apple’s iPhones are capable of playing music through the Lightning port, so any combo of USB-C and wired headphones or charger will work.

A modified iPhone with a Lightning port and USB-C on the bottom.
신들 의 놀이터 / YouTube

Apple avoided putting USB-C on its iPhones for years despite slowly transitioning its MacBook and iPad Pro lineup to USB-C. Now, every Macbook or iPad you can buy comes with a USB-C port, with the iPhone being the only holdout.

That is set to change soon. The European Union imposed its hand and issued an ultimatum. If Apple (or any other company) intends to continue selling phones in Europe, they need a USB-C port. With that, the controversy ended.

At the same time, it’s not clear if Apple’s USB-C port will make its iPhones interoperable with Android phones. According to a report, Apple is currently planning to restrict USB-C-equipped iPhones to charging with only approved cables designed for iPhone. Chances are, you can charge your Android phone with your iPhone’s cable, and not the other way around, if this report has been resolved.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also says that the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will support slower transfer speeds with USB-C than the iPhone 15 Pro models. Perhaps a modified iPhone with two ports is finally less confusing when all is said and done.

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