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Ashley De Bell advertises Turnkey Entertainment Production Company

Ashley De Bell, Founder and CEO of Ready Life, announces the creation of Ready Entertainment, a new production company dedicated to creating movies and TV shows with strong messages related to social justice.

Bill is a corporate finance attorney and former White House policy advisor on entrepreneurship and innovation. Dr. Bernice A. King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King, is the co-founder of Ready Life and will take an active role in Ready Entertainment.

Ready Life is an innovative financial technology platform that contains a set of financial tools that enable individuals to create and preserve intergenerational wealth. Ready Entertainment follows the company’s mission to close the racial equality gap by helping provide financial loans and the ability to buy a home to those without credit, empowering African Americans to take back control of their financial and banking institutions.

Ready Entertainment’s debut film is “Cash Money,” written by Academy Award nominee Terry Rossio (“Shrek,” “Aladdin,” all five “Pirates of the Caribbean” films) and comic writer Kevin Arboit, who will also direct the project. Bill and Dr. King serve as executive producers.

“I am pleased to bring Ready Life’s values ​​and mission into everything related to Ready Entertainment,” Bell said in a statement announcing the production company. “Equity, especially as it relates to banking and finance, is of the utmost importance and I can’t wait to create content like ‘Cash Money’ to further our message.”

According to the film’s synopsis, “Cash Money” focuses on Primo and Jimmy, two auto mechanics laid off from their jobs in the dying town of Cross Creek, Missouri. When they drive to New York City determined to find answers to the country’s economic woes, they enlist the help of Roosevelt and Michelle, who run one of the few black-owned banks in the country and learn how to create their own currency, the “primo.” Soon other cities, and then the country, are craving Entirely, to adopt this new currency with the collapse of the economy. But, is their plan a recipe for success or is it too good to be true?

In addition to Bell and Dr. King, notable members of Ready Life’s board of directors include criminal justice reform advocates Alice Johnson and Van Jones.


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