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Domee Shi On How Oscar-nominated ‘Turning Red’ Opened Doors and Hearts • The Magazine • Letterboxd Magazine • Letterboxd

was the movie sailor moon Already in my mind but now I remember: Did you see Mimi’s tuxedo mask? He’s shaking his robe and saying, “My work here is done.” And sailor moon goes,But you didn’t do anything.
I don’t think I saw that meme, but I’d love some tuxedo mask! I had the feeling in the original anime that he would throw a rose, say something, say some words of encouragement and then maybe leave. But then, somehow, I feel like this is better? He did not come and solve the ladies’ problems for them. He brought a rose, some words of encouragement, and empowered them to work out their problems on their own. That’s a real male ally right there.

exactly. Thank you, tuxedo mask.
Thank you, Tuxedo Mask!

Taking into account the turns redCultural specificity and experiential, I was wondering what kind of reception you had about the central themes of the film, about Mei as a character.
I loved seeing the reactions from audiences, especially kids and teens. I got so many letters from young girls thanking us for making the movie, helping them deal with all their emotions and issues with their parents, with their boyfriends, with school. And really, it’s amazing to hear from these kids, “Your movie taught me that it’s OK not to be perfect, and that what I’m going through with my mom is normal, even though it’s really hard.” So that was cool.

But at the same time, I love hearing the adults’ reactions too about, “Man, thank you for taking me back to when I was my age, and all this awkwardness and secret sketchbooks and crushes and weird fantasies. Thank you for putting it all out there.” I also get a lot of great responses from parents too, who thank us for starting these conversations with their kids about puberty, about the menstrual cycle. But they also thank me for starting conversations with they Elderly parents and their guardians. The whole idea of ​​how, “Oh, all the burdens and trauma I had growing up… do I pass that on to my kids, too?” So I feel it has been amazing to see how our film has become a source of healing, comfort and discovery for so many audiences.


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