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Edge Copilot finally delivers on Microsoft’s Bing Chat promises

Microsoft is finally making the version of Bing Chat we heard about back in February a reality. The latest version of Microsoft Edge (111.0.1661.41) includes the Bing Copolot sidebar, which allows you to chat, create AI content, and get insights on AI-powered topics.

This is how Bing Chat Microsoft originally came out. Since its launch, the chat portion of Bing Chat has been available through a queue that, according to Microsoft, has amassed millions of subscriptions. However, Microsoft also talked about Bing Copilot, which will live in Edge’s sidebar and unlock the ability to compose emails, blog posts, and more, as well as provide context for whatever web page you’re on.

Compose feature in Microsoft Bing Chat.

the Composer The tab where you can create emails, blog posts, and even lists of ideas. It offers several tunes ranging from professional to funny, as well as three lengths and four arrangements. Enter your router, define your parameters, and create your draft. Length doesn’t seem to matter much; Even with a short length, the AI ​​will spit out five or more paragraphs for most of the prompts you enter.

Once you’re done, you can recreate or copy the response to the prompt from the window. There is also a file Add to site button at the bottom of the text window, but I couldn’t find a use for it.

the ideas A contextual tab, where you draw insights from and about the website you’re currently on. For example, on the Digital Trends homepage, it pulled up some basic information about the website, where the users are located, and how most visitors get to the website. It’s not clear where these analytics come from, though, outside of the “Data from:” disclaimer at the bottom of the Insights window.

It’s not perfect. With our review of Hogwarts Legacy Copilot’s Q&A section, which has been pulled, includes the question “Is Hogwarts Legacy a Curse,” a discreetly designed question based on part of a simplified version in the review. For most websites, this looks like what Edge Copilot does. It pulls some questions and key points from the current page while also gathering context from around the internet.

Insights tab in Edge Copilot.

Using the copilot for a while, the best use I’ve found for it has been shopping. When you land on a product, Copilot can easily collect reviews, news articles, comparisons, and alternatives. It’s what you find in a normal search, but you don’t have to do a separate search.

naturally , conversation The tab is still there too. Microsoft’s Bing chat has veered off to send after some choppy responses, but the floodgates are slowly opening again. You can use Bing Chat in Edge Copilot, including new tone response types.

Microsoft continues to build on its AI strategy after investing billions of dollars in OpenAI, the research group behind ChatGPT, earlier this year. The company is scheduled to give a presentation on the future of AI in the workplace on March 16 where we can expect to hear more about Bing Chat in Office apps, as well as ChatGPT 4’s ability to provide AI-generated videos.

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