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F1 LIVE: Martin Brundle takes a look at Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes pits amid ‘Civil War’ | F1 | sports

Martin Brundle has suggested that Lewis Hamilton could follow Michael Schumacher by leaving Mercedes.

And the Sky Sports analyst said the seven-time champion could pull away in the same way Schumacher dumped a Benetton for Ferrari in 1996.

He has instructed the Briton to consider possibly joining Ferrari, the team currently closest to being able to challenge Red Bull.

He said: “But you know, Senna left McLaren to go to Williams, Schumacher went to Ferrari and it took a long time, but he did the job.

“So these great drivers are not afraid to go somewhere and then motivate themselves and get a lot of new people around them and make something happen.

“I think there must be a part of Lewis thinking. I’d love to go to Ferrari and do the Michael Schumacher job if I can’t win eighth or ninth right now. Why don’t I just go and have some fun over there?”

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