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Fernando Alonso aims for a not-so-subtle dig on the old Alpine team during the launch of the Aston Martin| F1 | sports

Fernando Alonso came under fire in the Alps minutes after pulling the covers off his new 2023 Aston Martin. The Spaniard hailed the British manufacturer’s mentality with an aim for victories in an apparent discovery for the former Alpine team.

Alonso said Aston Martin was “different” from other teams because they were not only “comfortable” in fourth place. The 41-year-old said: “It’s very different compared to any other team I’ve joined on the last few occasions where they might have had success in the past and been comfortable.

They finished 4th and were happy with the 4th place. They finished fifth and were happy with the fifth place. If we were in seventh place, it was a celebration. Here there are no celebrations until we win and that is very attractive.”

Alonso announced he was switching to Alpine to replace Sebastian Vettel on a multi-year deal last summer.

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The Stroll Senior talked about the team’s opportunities as the builder pulled the wraps off the new AMR23 on Monday. When pressed on whether the team had all the ingredients to hit the target, Stroll hinted that they were about to take on the challenge at the top.

He explained, “I think we have most of the right ingredients in place. The only component we’re missing is a little bit of time. And there’s no substitute for time but from a managerial level and on a personal level, yes I think we have all the right people in place.”

“And this building again brings a whole new dimension and dynamic to driving toward that success. And we just need to be, which I don’t have a great deal of, the patience required to get to where we ultimately want to be, and we’ll get there.”


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