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Formula 1 boss hints at rule change for 2023 after Red Bull fails budget cap | F1 | sports

F1 boss Stefano Domenicali has admitted he is in talks with the FIA ​​over a new rule change for 2023 following Red Bull’s budget cap penalty last season. Domenicali said checks for potential breaches of the budget cap should be carried out “early” in the season to uphold Formula 1’s “credibility”.

He revealed that the search for finances took “a very long time” last season which didn’t go well for Formula 1. Speaking to Sky Sports F1, Domenicali said: “For the sport’s credibility, this kind of work has to be done to check if everybody respects This rule, earlier than later.

“So we’re discussing, and this is on the FIA’s side, to make sure that the monitoring and certification is done early on. Because the impact is on, and if some teams are going to come out of it, it has to be done in the appropriate way in the shortest possible time to be more credible.

“We see other sports that take financial regulations, in my opinion, a very long time to react, and that’s not good.” Red Bull was found guilty of breaching F1’s 2021 budget cap rules in October last season, days after the Japanese Grand Prix where Max Verstappen secured his second title.

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The discussions somewhat hampered Red Bull’s success in 2022 with the issue continuing until the end of October when the FIA ​​finally granted the team sanctions. It means that Red Bull has finally issued its financial and sporting punishment nearly 12 months after the end of the 2021 season.

Domenicali also failed to rule out whether any other teams could be investigated for 2022 violations this season. When pressed on whether any more dramas would be a “stench” for the sport, the F1 boss stressed he hoped the FIA’s actions last year would drive other builders away.

He added, “More than nervous. I’m pretty sure everyone now has an understanding of what the effect is if something doesn’t go well in this dimension. It’s new, so I totally agree that the focus on that aspect is going to be very big.”

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Former F1 boss Pat Symonds has hinted that changes to budget cap rules are needed. He has suggested that it would be “really cool” if teams could see cap budget numbers in real time over the course of a season.

Ferrari’s new boss Frederic Vasseur previously demanded that decisions be made quickly. He explained: “Where we have to work today is, firstly, it’s been a very long time. We need to find a way to get a red light before, or to be able to take action earlier. And maybe we’ll have to be tougher on the decision.” .

“Well, maybe it was the first, but from now on we have to forget the minor and the major. Because for me, two or three million, this is not a small matter, it is huge, for development.”


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