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Gary Neville spoke after Manchester City’s live broadcast after Aston Villa’s win football | sports

Earlier in the show, Neville gave this view of the Premier League case against City and admitted he was “nervous” after amending several charges. Neville said after Guardiola responded aggressively in his pre-match press conference.

“They’ve had a big fight on their hands, and there’s going to be a big loser here. The Premier League will be found incompetent if they can’t press charges, and obviously if they press charges at Manchester City, it’s obviously going to stain the last 10 years for a lot of people – especially Clubs that were fighting like this kind of fight, if you will.

“I have to say it – I come at it from two different ways – if they break the rules they should throw the book at them and it will happen, but if they don’t in the Premier League it’s four years, I’m a little bit nervous about the Premier League defence, in the sense That six of the charges were changed this morning, I think it got in the papers because they had the years wrong, which is really significant after the matter has been investigated for four years.”


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