Don't Show Again Yes, I would!

Gervonta Davis apologizes for showing up late to the press conference. “It was unprofessional to me.”

Posted on 08/03/2023

Written by: Shawn Cross

“I want to say sorry to you guys for all of you waiting,” Gervonta Davis told members of the media after his press conference Thursday with April 22 opponent Ryan Garcia. “This was very unprofessional to me.” While Davis showing up nearly two hours late was undoubtedly annoying, the likes of Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather were rarely heard to apologize for being late. In fact, the 28-year-old Davies entertainer is generally quite calm and talkative. “I don’t think it’s personal,” he said of the upcoming super fight with Garcia. “It’s work.”

Davis even had a few complimentary things to say about his future opponent. “He’s a legitimate fighter,” he said of García. “You can’t take it from him.” Tank, too, is a legitimate fighter, probably one of the most legitimate fighters in the game, which is why he will be favored for Garcia’s best post. “But for me it’s probably going to be OK… I don’t know until I really get there,” Davis said regarding García’s pace. One notable thing about both Davis and Garcia is the fact that they are both incredibly confident in their own abilities. But to Davis, there is more to his style than meets the eye.

“They just see me knocking people out, but that’s what it is,” Davis said of the fans. During the interview – record it combat center Davis lamented not getting credit for the work he does in the ring. “They always find something crazy to say,” Davis said when asked how people would react if he fired Garcia. “There is no winning.” However, Davis also added that such things are to be expected. “The thing is, it’s part of the sport,” he said.


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