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Highlights from the SBIFF International Directors Panel – Film News at Vrief

Santiago Mitri, director of the movie “Argentina 1985”, spent more than two years researching his film about the story of the prosecutors who fought the country’s brutal dictators. He said that his film was able to make the audience think about the real world problems going on in their countries.

Miter joined fellow international directors on a panel that included Jerzy Skolimowski (“EO”), Lukas Daunt (“Close”), Colm Periad (“The Quiet Girl”), Edward Berger (“All Quiet on the Western Front”) and Santiago Miter (“Argentina, 1985”).

Roger Dorling, Festival Director, moderated the session.

Periade explained how he wanted the audience to return to their own childhood through the little girl, and Dorling noted the strong use of silence in Periad.

Berger strove for “All Quiet on the Western Front” to remain rooted in German roots and stressed the importance of using language. He also noted the contrasts between war and peace in the film, as shown in the armistice talks, as well as how he wanted the audience to feel the anger and despair of the main character.

After Dorling acknowledged the gorgeous imagery in Dhont’s Close, Dhont explained how he wanted to challenge notions of masculinity through a young boy and the grieving process. Donut later addressed that casting the lead boys in “Close” was a challenge in creating the film.

Skolimowski explained how his passion for animal rights got him to “EO” and emphasized the score, which was able to portray a donkey’s inner monologue.

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The Set Decorators of America announces the return of SDSA Honors

The Set Decorators of America (SDSA) announced that the annual SDSA Honors Awards will return on April 23, at the Universal Sheraton Hotel in Universal City, California.

The recipients will be honored with Humanitarian, Hall of Fame, Business Member of the Year Awards, and Chair Awards. Interior designer Mary Ann Biddle will receive the Earl Cooperman Lifetime Achievement Award.

In addition to the above awards, three scholarships will be presented in honor of Leslie Frankenheimer, sponsored by Lennie Marvin’s Prop Heaven, Robinson Royce, sponsored by RC Vintage and Marvin March, sponsored by SDSA and IATSE Local 44.

SDSA Honors will also include the SDSA COC Silent Art Auction which will be available in person and online. Set For Life, a charity that provides homes for children experiencing homelessness and aging outside of foster care, will receive auction donations.


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