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How to turn off the clock on your Echo Dot

The Echo Dot with Clock is one of the newest additions to the Echo family. In addition to offering all the features found in a standard Echo Dot, this smart home gadget also includes a simple display – which can display the time or other relevant information. However, if you end up hating this low-tech monitor, Amazon gives you an easy way to turn it off. Here’s a closer look at how to turn off the clock on your Echo Dot, along with a quick way to change its brightness.

Amazon Echo Show fifth generation on the shelf.

How to turn off the Echo Dot watch

After just a few steps, you can completely disable your Echo Dot watch. Keep in mind that this method only works for the Echo Dot with Clock and will not work for other devices in the Echo family.

Step 1: Open your Alexa app.

Step 2: Select a file hardware menu.

Step 3: He chooses Echo and Alexa.

The fourth step: Find the Echo Dot with Clock product.

Fifth step: He chooses LED displayand then change the display to on.

Sixth step: That’s it! If one day you decide you want to enable the clock, follow the same directions above — but this time switch the display to On on.

Adjust the brightness on your Echo Dot with the clock

Don’t want to completely disable the clock, but wish it wasn’t too bright? Amazon has you covered (again). Follow the same steps as you would to disable your watch, but once you are in Point resonance with the clock menu, find a file session Symbol (in the form of a gear). Click this, then find a file LED display to divide. Here, you’ll have the option to enable Adaptive Brightness, which will change LED levels based on the light in the room, or use the brightness slider to manually adjust its level.

Conversely, you can use voice commands to change the Echo Dot along with the clock brightness. Eligible orders include:

  • Set the brightness to “X” (where “X” is a number from one to ten).
  • Set the brightness to maximum.
  • Set the brightness to minimum.

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