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Inside Nico Rosberg’s Luxurious Lifestyle, Stunning Monaco Home & Cars After £42 Million | F1 | sports

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Nico Rosberg has been living an amazing lifestyle as a TV Analyst, Team Manager and Activist since leaving Formula 1 in 2016. The former World Champion also lives a life of luxury in Monaco with his net worth of £41.4 Million ($50 Million).

a house

Rosberg, like former rival Lewis Hamilton, lives in the wealthy surroundings of Monaco. However, he grew up in the emirate with his F1 champion father Kiki as a child.

He recently admitted that he still loves his familiar surroundings and revealed one of the main reasons for staying in the emirate. Speaking to Gentleman’s Journal, he said: “My school was right on the Formula 1 circuit. And I love it there, because the quality of life is unparalleled, which is a real privilege.

“The whole of southern France is really safe. I don’t think there are many places in the world where you don’t have to worry about safety.” Rosberg also admitted that he loves Lyndon and revealed that he has “some real estate” in DC.

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Similar to Sebastian Vettel, one of Rosberg’s biggest reasons for walking away from Formula 1 was to spend more time with his family. Rosberg married interior designer Vivian Siebold back in July 2014 with the welcome of children a year later.

Eldest daughter Alia was born in 2015 with Naila arriving in 2017 after Rosberg left the sport. The former Mercedes man is clearly a proud family man, as he took several snaps with his daughters on Instagram.

Formula One

Rosberg still keeps his foot in the F1 door through his role as TV pundit. The German superstar has been a key member of the Sky Sports F1 squad in recent years, adding insightful experts on modern-day machines.

He was banned from the circuit last season after it was revealed that he had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus. He’s called coverage from his home in Monaco, but will be free to return to the paddock in 2023 after the FIA ​​lifted its strict ban.

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extreme e

Despite ending his feud with Hamilton in Formula 1, the pair still compete as team owners in the off-road electric racing series Extreme E. Rosberg X Racing captured the inaugural Drivers and Constructors Championship in 2021 with drivers Johan Kristofferson and Molly. Taylor.

Rosberg has been spotted at a range of Extreme E events and even caught playing with his drivers moments after winning the 2021 titles. However, Hamilton bounced back a year later with his X44 team taking both crowns with WRC legends Sebastien Loeb and Christina Gutierrez behind the wheel.

Campaign work

Rosberg has also embraced campaigning since leaving Formula 1 with a particular focus on climate change. He recently appeared at the GreenTech Festival and appeared at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow last year.

He also called for motorsports to embrace clean technology in an effort to save the planet.

He explained: “So I think it’s a good idea to get out there and continue to do what a lot of people around the world would love to see, but make sure you use it for the benefit of everyone… I think there will be a lot of progress and we hope to be able to really do a sport that is free of carbon.”


Rosberg recently added an amazing 2,000-horsepower hypercar to his collection, celebrating the purchase with a series of videos on his YouTube channel. Rosberg also boasted that his Rimac Nevera electric supercar can reach 100 km/h in less than two seconds.

He claimed to have had the first prototype ever built, posting on Twitter: “I went for full spec Batmobile and it’s #1 of 150! Insane electric supercar (1914HP), great company and genius founder.” He also took the wheel of Mercedes’ gorgeous new EQXX for another YouTube review.


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