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Big question: Is Tom Cruise truly Save the cinema? The two critics I spoke to believed that, against all odds, he actually did — for a while, at least. My fleshWatch the site’s event editor, Anahit Behrouz Top Gun: Maverick five times in cinemas, writing on the day of release: “Unfortunately, military propaganda has never been so exciting.”

She attributes the film’s irresistible ability to the same thing you find in all the movies you revisit: certain music. “It is as if a song is stuck in your head and you have to listen to it over and over again,” Behrouz says. “It has the same cadence that you would expect and want to get lost in. It’s very choreographed in terms of the action, but also the cadences of the characters, the laziness and intensity with which they interact with each other. I think a lot of the reasons I came back to it was like you’re waiting for a cadence to drop.” “.

Jack King felt the slowdown in Cannes last year, like Leo, and devoted a great deal of his time as a Briton GQFilm and television to publish Tg: m gospel. He believes the appeal to spend as much time as possible with the film comes from a saturated atmosphere “defined by the cookie-cutter blockbuster IP, a time of endless sequels, prequels, reboots and spin-offs, heavy with CGI”, in which Maverick It just felt like something new – even though technically it’s a sequel. It’s about color, physical effects, Hollywood romance, stunts, spectacle – and yes, the Tom Cruise of it all. When the extra feels new, you have to visit him and revisit him again to allow him to fully immerse himself. (For this reason, an Oscar nominee for animation Puss in Boots: Last Wish Top ratings too.)


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