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Jake Paul says pay-per-view numbers for Tommy Fury fight ‘off the charts’

Posted on 01/03/2023

Written by: Shawn Cross

“The silver lining is that pay-per-view is off the damn charts,” Jake Paul said on his podcast. He’s referring, of course, to his fight last weekend, where he suffered his first defeat in a Tommy Fury gauntlet. “Probably the biggest fight of the year,” Paul said of the encounter. “It’s going to be difficult to deal with him, maybe with Garcia Davis.” How much money is Paul talking about here?

Photo: Top promotions

“It’s probably in over half a million purchases,” he said. If true, it’s an enormous number by today’s pay-per-view standards. Moreover, it lets people know just how strong a draw Paul, who has fought professionally less than ten times, really is. “The success of the February 26 PPV card,” he stated MMA maniaPerhaps the war of words between Paul and Fury helped him. There sure was some bad blood between the two men before the match. The fact that it seemed like it took so long for the match to actually happen might have something to do with that.

“Last night was tough,” Paul said on the podcast. “Very tough. It’s just so horrible, so many emotions to deal with.” However, Paul didn’t want a lot of credit to go his opponent’s way. “It had nothing to do with him,” Paul said of the loss. “It had something to do with me.” Paul also added He felt his former opponent, Anderson Silva, was a stronger opponent. “He wasn’t great at all,” he said of Fury. “I think Anderson was tougher than him…he threw a lot of punches, and that was his biggest thing,” (although He admitted that Fury had good strength.)

“I think he’s a good kid,” Paul said of Fury, who spoke to him after the game. “He seems so congenial and down-to-earth… We did a great job promoting him. There was a mutual respect.” So it looks like the bad blood is gone – at least until the rematch.

“I am absolutely happy for him,” Paul said.


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