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James Cameron’s “Titanic” and “Avatar 2” dominate the global box office

James Cameron is the king of the box office with “Titanic” and “Avatar: The Way of Water” topping the global box office charts on newcomer “Magic Mike’s Last Dance.”

“Titanic,” which is returning to theaters for its 25th anniversary, grossed $22.3 million at the global box office, while “Avatar: The Way of Water” added $25.8 million in its ninth week of release. “Magic Mike’s Last Dance,” the third entry in Channing Tatum’s stripper saga, took first place at the domestic box office with $8.2 million, but the Warner Bros. release trailed Cameron’s international blockbuster with $18.6 million worldwide.

The movie “Titanic” and “Waterway” ranked third and fourth in terms of the highest revenues in history, with the first reaching $2.217 billion and the second currently $2.213 billion. In the coming days, “Avatar 2” is expected to swap places with “Titanic” in all-time at the box office.

Over the weekend, “Titanic” collected $6.4 million at the domestic box office and $15.9 million internationally. It’s a decent turnout for a movie that debuted on the big screen a quarter of a century ago and is still widely available at home. Paramount distributes the film in North America and Disney handles international markets.

“Titanic” was third in the weekend charts behind “Avatar 2,” which was second with $6.9 million. After two months on the big screen, “The Way of Water” has grossed $647 million in North America and $1.567 billion at the international box office.

Overseas, the follow-up film ranks as the third biggest release of all time behind only 2009’s “Avatar” and “Avengers: Endgame.” The sequel has generated particularly big business in China with $242 million to date. Those ticket sales outsold the original film, which earned $240 million in the country.

Cameron was responsible for three of the four biggest releases in history, and “Avatar” remains the reigning champion with $2.92 billion. And Avengers: Endgame, which Cameron did not direct, ranks second with $2.7 billion.


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