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Joe Biden tells Novak Djokovic that banning Novak Djokovic is the “craziest thing in the world” for US politics | tennis | sports

US Senator Rick Scott has criticized President Joe Biden after tennis star Novak Djokovic refused an exemption from a Covid-19 vaccine to compete at the Indian Wells Open. The famous Djokovic was deported from Australia in 2022 due to his vaccination status, and this year could be equally challenging for the Serb.

Scott called the final decision “the craziest thing in the world” after Djokovic pulled out of the tournament as a result. “Think about how crazy that is,” Scott said in a radio interview with WMAL.

“Last November, Biden said Covid is over. Well, it’s over except when he doesn’t want it to. So this is probably one of the healthiest men in the world, and so we’re not worried about him getting sick.

“He’s not worried about getting sick, right? We’re not worried about making us sick because Covid is over. But somehow, the guy can’t just come over and play tennis.

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“This is the craziest thing in the world. It makes you crazy that the Biden administration is behaving like this.” The Serb is not immune and was also not allowed to compete in the US Open last year due to Covid restrictions in the country.

Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requires all foreign air travelers to be vaccinated, but the White House said last month that they plan to review the policy in May. As a result, Djokovic could take part in this year’s US Open which is scheduled to begin in August.

When asked about Djokovic not being granted an exemption from the Indian Wells Open, White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre indicated the Biden administration would not be willing to make an exception for the tennis star. “For a question regarding vaccination requirements, I will refer you to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” she said.

“They are the ones dealing with that. It still remains and we expect everyone to abide by the rules of our country, both as a participant and as a spectator.

As for what is going on specifically with the BNP Open [Indian Wells]These are questions for them. It’s a private entity, so we’ll let them talk about that.”


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