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Lando Norris says he is ‘happy to have broken’ FIA rules in an angry outburst – ‘We’re not in school’ | F1 | sports

Lando Norris has admitted he would happily flout FIA rules over drivers’ protests as he called for a change of heart over the controversial rule change. The McLaren star has criticized FIA bosses for “limiting” drivers and claims F1 stars are “old enough” to make their own calls.

It comes after FIA bosses banned drivers from making personal political gestures before races in a bid to keep the sport “neutral”. The president of the International Automobile Federation, Mohamed bin Sulayem, had previously suggested that drivers could be punished if they did not abide by the rules.

However, the plans were met with opposition from many including Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff. Norris said: “I don’t know what a penalty is but if it was a fine or something I’d be happy to take it.

“I feel there was a lot of pressure and said enough to maybe take a turn, but I think Formula 1 has made things clear in what they think is acceptable and what we should be able to do as drivers – that’s where I stand.

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Norris confirmed that drivers would no longer enjoy their media duties if the new rule was implemented. He explained: “I don’t think F1 or the rules should go in the direction of restricting what we do, say and influence as drivers.

“We just want to do things for the best, and we wouldn’t want to use them in any bad way. We do this because we have millions of fans, millions of viewers that we can influence, direct and use to help from personally.

“We should be able to say and do what we want, that’s what makes us human, and that’s what makes us human.”


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