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Lee Wood wants to fight back with Mauricio Lara

You should definitely hand it to featherweight fighter Lee Wood. One might think that after engaging in two of the most brutal and damaging fights of his entire career, Wood would advocate “easy” confidence building. But no, the brave fighter from Nottingham calls for an immediate fight back with Mexican menace man (with a capital “D”) Mauricio Lara. This is after Lara Wood devastatingly stopped her on Feb. 18.

Whereas before that fight, Wood went to Hell to stop Michael Conlan in the 2022 Fight of the Year. Wood, 26-3 (16) told BBC Sport he wanted an immediate rematch with Lara, by “the end of May, in June at the latest”.

“It was hard because it still hurts,” Wood said of the seventh-round stoppage loss from Lara. “I want a rematch right away. I’ve told Eddie Hearn that’s what I want. I want it as soon as the end of May, June at the latest.”

Wood was saved from the chance of any further punishment after being heavily covered by Lara’s left hook near the end of round 7, when his corner threw in the towel. Wood was angry about throwing in the towel at the time, but has since agreed that his team has been looking out for him and his long-term health.

Speaking of long-term health, is Wood making a big mistake if he goes straight to a rematch with Lara, 26-2-1 (19) soon? That was a severe knockdown that Wood had suffered in the fight, and the 34-year-old may need more time than just three or four months to fully recover. Will the British Boxing Board of Control allow Wood to fight again so soon after he was suspended so brutally?

Again, you have to admire Wood’s bravery and bravery along with his willingness, but sometimes fighters can be just too brave for their own good. Former WBA featherweight champion Wood has this rematch clause at his disposal, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he has to activate it. At least not just three or four months after the first fight.


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