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MANCHESTER UNITED NEWS: Anthony warned he’s ‘facing a ligament injury’ as the star could have a serious problem | football | sports

“This country, any country, even Brazil. They don’t want to see that, do they? I like to see skills and entertainment, I don’t think it’s skill or entertainment, it’s just clowning.”

Ten Hag insisted after the match that he would “correct” Anthony if his bluff became unnecessary. And the Dutchman said: “I have no problem with it, as long as it works. So from him, like everyone else, I demand more.”

“More running backwards, more often into (opponents’) territory. More pressing. More dribbles against opponents. More pocket play. We demand more dominance.

“Then there is a trick like that which is nice, but as long as it’s effective and you don’t lose the ball. Then it’s fine. But it’s a trick and because of the trick I’ll correct it.”

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