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Manny Pacquiao may emerge from retirement to take on Conor Bean

Posted on 03/03/2023

Written by: Shawn Cross

Manny Pacquiao advisor Sean Gibbons is clearly pushing a fight between retired legend and British welterweight Conor Bean. Gibbons even went so far as to post a mockup poster of the Pacquiao-Gibbons match on Twitter. Bean responded to the label by tweeting “Anytime”, which in turn prompted Gibbons to mention Bean’s promoter, Eddie Hearn. “Waiting for Eddie Hearn!” Gibbons replied. “The Senator is ready to rumble!!” Pacquiao recently participated in a show bout and has been giving signs that he’s interested in returning to the award ring. Now in his mid-40s, the Philippine icon seems to feel he can make another round (no pun intended) of matches.

As for Bean, the Englishman has been at the center of a storm of controversy. After testing positive for a banned substance prior to a scheduled fight with Chris Eubanks Jr., the 21-0 fighter later saw the WBC rule in his favor, arguing that a large consumption of eggs might have been at fault. Since then, Bean has argued his belief that there were no banned substances in his system whatsoever.

Pacquiao, of course, needs no introduction. Regarded as at least one of the greatest fighters of his generation, the 62-8-2 Pacquiao literally fought off many of his peers, usually emerging victorious. His final match saw him lose to the younger and taller Yordnis Ugas. After that, the man announced his retirement. Now, less than two years later, it looks like Pacquiao may be in a professional boxing match again. He wouldn’t be the first great to return to the ring after retirement, and he probably won’t be the last.

Usually, things don’t end well for these returning fighters – although George Foreman certainly proved that age is nothing but a number. Could the same be true of Pacquiao? The odds aren’t good, but no one can know, unless, of course, the fighter known as “PacMan” decides to slip back through the ropes of the professional award ring once again.

“It’s been a discussion I’ve been going on for a while with Sean Gibbons” admitted Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing’s Frank Smith (via dem). “It’s a huge fight to do. All this time, we’ve had to wait because of Conor’s attitude, we just couldn’t move on, but now we can take it and move on. It’s an amazing fight in every way.”


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