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mayweather vs. Chalmers flops: ‘Money’ says tickets ‘should have sold out more quickly’

Well the show went on, this despite the fact that the O2’s 20,000 capacity in London was practically empty, with the upper tier of the venue completely shut down. This was last night floyd mayweather aaron chalmers show. One of the fans turned away from him.

Apparently making his UK debut at a time when he was “retired” with easy cash fairs being the 46-year-old’s thing, Mayweather won all eight rounds on cruise control.

However, no winner was announced, as the fight was just an exhibition. No doubt Chalmers, the former star of the reality TV show “Geordie Shore,” will be glad he was able to go the distance with the self-proclaimed “TBE” but with poor ticket sales associated with the latest installment in “Money’s Show” due to the run being sad and embarrassing. So it’s possible Mayweather is now shutting them down, realizing that he’s taken all the money there is when it comes to engaging in bouts with clearly mismatched opposition.

The frugal may have given everything they have to offer, and without a true test of an opponent in the other corner, Mayweather wouldn’t be able to continue taking what he himself referred to as “legal bank robberies”-like paydays. British fans voted with their feet as far as last night’s event went, and reports say tickets were on offer for £5 a night, with no recipients.

Mayweather, who was speaking to the press after the fight, blamed the fact that tickets for the Chalmers match were issued too late, and this explained poor ticket sales.

We did it in one month – not even four weeks. “I think tickets should have sold out a lot faster,” Mayweather said. “My new team is still learning. I have to take my hat off to them, it’s not their fault. It’s just that when we fight in the States, as soon as we announce the fight, the tickets sell out. Here, we announce the fight and the tickets don’t go on sale until a week or two later” .

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You can buy this reason for such terrible sales if you wish. But perhaps the apparent mismatch Mayweather had his fans in the UK bombarded with was not only an awful mismatch but also one that was displayed during the cost of living crisis. Anyway, Mayweather is still getting paid and that as we know is all that matters to him.

In what may have been a last-ditch effort to prove that last night’s fight was legit, Mayweather also stated in a post-fight press how he injured his left hand during the fight with Chalmers “tough, he can take it all on his chin.”

“We wow, we wow. I actually hurt my hand. [It was] When I got off the hook. “A lot of people don’t know,” Mayweather said. “When I broke off the hook, that was the language of boxing. I hurt my left hand, bad. It could break. We’re not worried. You’re still able to use the left. You have to use the punch to set everything up. He was tough, he can take everything.” on his chin.”

Perhaps, if he did indeed break his hand, this, along with the poor ticket sales, could be seen as a sign that Mayweather should really call it quits and retire for good. Floyd may have robbed his last bank.

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