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McLaren fans cheer his ‘epic’ launch while avoiding Red Bull’s criticism | F1 | sports

McLaren fans have hailed the team’s “exhilarating” 2023 launch event just days after Red Bull fans were disappointed. McLaren showcased its new model in an eye-catching program that showed nods to the team’s past in their 60th year.

Included in McLaren’s presentation is a touching tribute to its founder Bruce McLaren who delved into interviews from his former team members. The show also featured a clip of new star Oscar Biastri driving legendary F1 machines driven by the likes of Ayrton Senna and Mika Häkkinen.

Twitter user @hygieneistdirect commented: “The launch on YouTube was a delight team. An absolute masterpiece of cinematography. Thank you… I really gave goosebumps.”

McLarenste posted: “Now that’s how you do a car launch event, the video features were epic, I had goosebumps at the end when ForeverForward was revealed.” komygaby added: “Love it. Very nice. The videos were great, hats off [off] For creative people. The hosts were also great. Thanks for the great show.”

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McLaren’s new 2023 design is a change to the team’s traditional papaya orange theme. The new design is made a bit darker with the team’s partnership with Google made even more noticeable with a Chrome sticker on the monocoque.

However, fans were keen to praise the new device moments after its launch. LoweyForSure tweeted: “Looks so good from every angle.”

ErinNormal said: “It’s so beautiful! I’m so looking forward to seeing it on the track!” However, the car drew some criticism with many blasting the team for the lack of changes to their previous designs.

Twitter user @yprasadd said: “Man! The McLaren car looks like a 5th grader was asked to design the whole mold. It sucks!” @rahbert99 added: “I’m not disappointed, but I’m not jumping for joy, it’s not bad.”


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