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Michael Jordan’s net worth is four times that of Cristiano Ronaldo before selling the NBA team | NBA | sports

NBA legend Michael Jordan is set to add to his extortionate fortune by selling a majority stake in the Charlotte Hornets. Jordan, a six-time NBA champion, has earned an impressive amount through endorsement deals.

The Chicago Bulls icon, considered by many to be the greatest player in history, is the majority owner of the Hornets, having originally purchased a minority stake in the team in 2006.

He then bought the team as a major shareholder in 2010, buying out then-owner Robert L. Johnson and becoming the first NBA player ever to own a team.

Now, however, he is reportedly ready to sell and return to a minority ownership role. Jordan’s share cost him $275 million in 2010, and he could now turn a nice profit, given that the Hornets are valued at around $1.7 billion.

Thanks to a number of business ventures – including the Jordan brand – his $2 billion net worth is four times greater than Cristiano Ronaldo’s – despite the football star’s contract in Saudi Arabia.

According to The Mirror, Ronaldo’s net worth is currently $500 million, although this number was calculated before he signed a huge deal with Al-Nassr. Jordan’s net worth is also far ahead of Ronaldo’s rival, Lionel Messi. According to Insider, the Paris Saint-Germain star is worth $600 million.


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