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Premier League series Drive to Survive is expected to be imminent as bosses fear losing viewers | football | sports

Premier League bosses reportedly believe a divisional Drive To Survive-type series is “inevitable” with those at the forefront of the sport fearing a future loss of viewers. The Netflix series helped catalyze and future-proof Formula 1 by allowing the sport to grow with an under-35 and female audience.

Drive to Survive has been such a huge success in Formula One that the sport has seen a massive increase in viewership as a result. It has resonated with a new demographic which has allowed the sport to grow in popularity with a younger audience by highlighting a different side to the drivers.

Now, the Premier League could be set up for a similar type of series according to the Daily Mail, with bosses from across the division talking about the potential. The F1 Grand Prix is ​​now receiving more viewership than the average Premier League encounter on Sky Sports as the Premier League bosses hope to reverse the trend with a show of their own.

While Tottenham, Manchester City and Arsenal have already featured their own documentary with Amazon Prime, the Premier League series will follow all 20 clubs from across the division.

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“I understand when you create a show, there has to be drama, and it has to be exciting,” he explained when asked about his protest. “But I’m a guy who finds it also important that you shoot well, and that they don’t start copying comments on different types of shots when it doesn’t happen that way.

“I had to show them that that was my point, or else I didn’t want to be a part of it. But yeah, they understood. Let’s see once they come up with what they make of it.”

“I think I gave them 30 minutes or one hour of interview, and of course I hope they put it to good use. I don’t know when I’ll watch it, but I hope they’ll be happy.”

Whether or not the Premier League will produce a series like Drive To Survive remains to be seen, but given the success it has had in Formula One, it seems only a matter of time.


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