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There was one review that I read Member named Rachel Reminiwho writes in her review about how her parents went to high school with you and were in the same friend group.
Oh, wow. Yes. The Reminis are definitely the Huntsville, Texas family. I worked in a restaurant with one of the brothers, and I played ball with one of the others. Get to know the family. There’s nothing quite like the people you grew up with and kind of went along with.

She writes in her review about how to do this stunned He will always be really important to her because of that connection his family has with her. Is there a movie that you specifically connect with a loved one in a way that makes them special to you?
Oddly enough, this is a family story and it’s very strange. But you know wild? With Marlon Brando?

It was based on a real incident that took place in California. My grandfather was the chief of police, sort of a volunteer police chief, in a small town, in Monterey, California when all these riders came and terrorized the town. And my mom remembers these motorcyclists coming in, and telling the story of a woman who pulled up her shirt and wasn’t wearing a bra. This crazy guy who terrorized this northern California town.

There’s an article, and my grandfather was quoted as saying, “These troublemakers, if they come back here, they’ll be dealt with.” Because I think they got away with it. But she was an example of crazy youth. And then that’s what wild It is based on this new thing these crazy youths and motorcycle gangs. So, I don’t know, when I watch this movie, I always think, “Damn, my mom was there. She experienced that as a kid.” And it was my grandfather who was accused of not doing something, so I don’t know. This is very interesting.

and then getaway. I mean, I just had a personal connection to movies, because I grew up as far away from Hollywood as possible. But Sam Peckinpah, before I knew who he was. It was Ali McGraw and Steve McQueen and they came through Huntsville. They were shooting for a start getaway in jail there. So, I have a personal connection… I mean, when you have a little bit of a personal connection to something like that, it’s a little bit special.


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