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Ryan Garcia on Gervonta Davis: ‘He’s explosive and we’re going to make fireworks’

Posted on 02/21/2023

Written by: Shawn Cross

Even though the highly anticipated April 15 super fight between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia still hasn’t been signed, Garcia is acting like the match is really going to go down – much to the relief of fans starving for a big match. Talking to Faytbe, the calm Garcia not only talked about Davis, but also talked about his own plans for the future. He said of his boxing career: “I’m trying to finish it at 26.” “Like I said, titles mean a little less to me now. There are so many titles given away, I kind of lost my fire to get one.”

But what Garcia said he wants are fights with the biggest names in his group. “Okay, let’s put the big names out there now,” he said. “Let’s fight Lomachenko, let’s fight Gervonta Davis, let’s fight Devin Haney, let’s start those fights now.” It’s those fights, more than title belts, that Garcia wants to define. He said, “This is a legacy, (but) everyone has their own way.” The question now is whether or not Garcia will fight those major battles. Garcia Davis’ match is still unofficial after all.

However, Garcia appeared in the video with confidence. “Can you name one fighter who fought and defeated everyone in their prime?” Asked. “There will be one. It will be me.” One of the things that draws people to the fighter isn’t just his winning resume and online charm, it’s his open ambition. Unlike other top names on the contemporary boxing scene, Garcia isn’t just resting on his laurels. He is a man with something to prove.

The guy will totally have the challenge ahead of him if the fight goes down with Davis. Like García, Davis is young, popular, undefeated, and possesses the ability to knock down a brick wall. However, Garcia explained that Davis is not quite as likable as the man thinks he is. Garcia admitted: “It’s a draw, I’m saying you’re no bigger star than I am.” However, it was not Garcia who underestimated Davis’ fighting skills. “He’s a talented fighter,” said Garcia of Davis. “It is explosive. It will also make this fight huge.” The simple fact is that Garcia Davis is a match to behold. Let’s just hope it pays off.


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