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Save $360 on over-the-counter Eargo 7 hearing aids

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Hearing issues may not seem like much of a problem yet, but with the World Health Organization projecting that more than 1 billion young people are at risk of hearing loss by 2025, this is something we should all be aware of. Fortunately, there is a simple solution – Eargo. Given the appreciation that traditional hearing aids can be bulky or hard to come by, and now that over-the-counter hearing aids are allowed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Eargo products are a great option for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss. Right now, you can pick up the Eargo 7 for $300 off the regular price of $2,650 with an additional $60 off from February 27 to March 6. Let’s take a look at how you can improve your daily life.

Why should you buy Eargo 7

Hearing loss sucks. Even a minor hearing loss can have a negative impact on your life. A hearing aid can be difficult to come by and many of the options on the market are often uncomfortable to wear. Fortunately, the best over-the-counter hearing aids can save you from such trouble. Eargo is a great example because it allows you to buy online before using an easy-to-use app to customize things just the way you want them. Eargo 7 offers a nearly invisible design with Sound Match via the companion app to customize it to your unique hearing preferences. The Eargo 7s is self-fitting, so traditional in-office clinic visits are not required to fit your devices.

Eargo has developed the Sound Adjust + feature that provides you with more sophisticated sound processing in noisy environments. It can analyze the soundscape before automatically choosing to emphasize speech or choose noise reduction for convenience instead. Volume Tuning+ makes Eargo 7 ideal in noisy environments. All this happens automatically without the need to manually adjust the settings on the device or in the app.

Designed to ensure you never have to slow down, the Eargo 7 has been tested for IPX7 water resistance. You can also work out with your Ergo 7 hearing aids – they are sweat-resistant.

Battery life is great too with up to 16 hours of charge on a single charge and a portable carrying case that gives you up to 2 days of charge on the go. There’s free lifetime customer support if you run into any issues, too. It’s really easy to buy over-the-counter hearing aids these days, and Eargo is a great way to do exactly that.

The Eargo 7 is normally priced at $2,950. It’s currently available for a special introductory price of $2,650 which saves you $300. However, if you buy between February 27th and March 6th, you’ll save even more as the price drops to $2,590 for a limited time only to celebrate World Hearings Day. If you have mild to moderate hearing loss, this may be just what you need to feel more comfortable and secure with your problem.

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