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The Galaxy Watch 6 might fix one of the Watch 5’s biggest bugs

Samsung ditched its physical rotating bezel with the Galaxy Watch 5 series, and the change was met with a lot of disapproval. But it looks like the feature is poised to return in the next iteration. The Galaxy Watch 6 Pro is said to feature an actual rotating bezel to interact with the device.

This news is according to the Korean SuperRoader website. The next Pro smartwatch will reportedly return a physical rotating bezel to interact with the software. Moreover, the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro will also keep the focus on providing at least two days of battery life.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic workout menu.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

However, the regular Galaxy Watch 6 likely misses out on the feature, which makes the Pro model stand out from the non-Pro alternative. It could also help Samsung take a design step in a generational upgrade, rather than making it a repeat product.

In a world where most smartwatches look identical to each other, having an original design element like a physical rotating bezel is important. With the Galaxy Watch 5, Samsung has made a watch that can’t be distinguished from the competition. Earlier, I speculated that, like 3D Touch on iPhones, Galaxy Watch owners might not have been aware of the presence of a physical rotating bezel, which prompted Samsung to drop the feature. If the company is bringing it back, it needs to market it better than before, so Galaxy Watch 6 Pro owners already know the feature is there.

Digital Trends contributor Nadeem Sarwar also speculated that the integration of Tizen and Wear OS might have made things difficult for the rotating bezel on the Galaxy Watch 5 series. That would have made it difficult for Samsung to create specific functionality for each app on the Google Play Store. Rather than optimizing for each app, Samsung chose to delete it. But Samsung seems to have found a way to preserve the DNA of the Galaxy watch in the Watch 6 Pro.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is one of the most popular Wear OS smartwatches on the market today. It will be interesting to see if Samsung will be able to make battery life better with the next upgrade. Aside from the return of the rotating bezel, not much is known about the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 Pro. But for some Samsung fans, the prospect of a frame return is all they need to jump aboard the hype train.

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