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The Team Behind ‘Naatu Naatu’ Takes Off to the Academy Awards • Journal • A Letterboxd Magazine • Letterboxd

Accommodations may just be possible: Academy CEO Bill Kramer confirmed on our awards podcast Best in Show The other week, the best original performers will be “on stage at the Academy Awards if this all works out.” Rihanna also recently confirmed that she will be performing her nominated song “Lift Me Up” from the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, we’re ready to start getting our hopes up about the prospect of seeing Charan and JR. NTR dancing across the Dolby Theatre.

In the last episode of Best in Show, Chandrabose tells us that Naatu Naatu took 45 minutes followed by several long months to write. He explains that the first 90% flowed like water, as he gets to know more about Junior NTR’s character Kumaram Bhim. Keeravani, on the other hand, is more of a role than Raju, Charan – they both grew up in the same villages as $$$$ Characters. “These two people come from two different Telugu states: Raju from Andhra, and Vim from Telangana,” says Chandrabose. “I belong to Telangana and Keeravani here belongs to Andhra, so he is Raju, I am Bheem!” But then, of course, came the pandemic — even though there was more time at home, the production halt and shooting delays meant the remaining 10% was a bit tricky.

The idea of ​​home is essential to understanding and appreciating “Naatu Naatu”, a term often misunderstood on the internet since the song has received more attention. Chandrapuz says the word speaks of “primitive” ideas: “country, native, rural, village, rural, ethnic”. He suggests that it can be defined as “something indigenous, country” adding that “things on the village side can be defined as natto.” It’s a very different definition than the rumors circulating around the internet that the translation of the title is simply “Dance Dance,” which is The definition best speaks of the genesis of the song in tune with the story.” The word first came to my mind after Rajamouli told the story and asked me to write about the situation,” the lyricist explains.


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