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Tyson Fury’s latest requirement: “No rematch clause” in the Usyk fight

Tyson Fury has uploaded yet another short video, making another request to enter a (hopefully) heavyweight unification fight on April 29 with contending champ Oleksandr Usyk. Fury as we know it got its way in terms of splitting the purse 70-30 in his favour, with the WBA, IBF and WBO, maybe Usk called Fury a bluff into accepting this split, maybe not (was Fury really a bluff?)

Now, in another obscene-filled post, the WBC champ has stated that there will be no “rematch clause” in the Usk fight. “Let’s up the ante even more,” Fury said.

YouTube video

“Hey, Tyson Fury here. Just quick. I talked to the lawyers today, and the folks at Usyk are talking about rematch clauses and all that annoying stuff. Here’s one to up the pre-how about the no rematch clause f*****g!” For both of us. Let’s get to the pre-bet completely. Never worry about what happens in the future and how much bucks you can get after you’re defeated. Worry about the fight – April 29. No rematch clause, winner takes glory, loser goes home with his penis In his hand. How about that! Agree, you f***** gb***h.”

Charming as always.

Anger seems to be running through his head that Usyk is the greedy one here, not himself. But Usyk, as we all know, hands a huge amount of his ring earnings over to his blind compatriots in war-torn Ukraine, and he will do so again when he gets paid for the fight. That’s another story, though, you might say.

But in terms of rematching these two, why not? Rematches usually take place if a single fight is either sensationally great or controversial in some way, if its outcome is controversial. We can have both with this fight. Or maybe you, like many fans, feel strongly that there are too many rematch clauses in boxing these days? Perhaps you would agree with Fury, that it has to be a one-and-done deal?

Or does Fury view Usyk’s fight as his last fight? Or, again, is Fury, knowing the people of Usyk so determined to set the rematch clause, being intentionally difficult? Could this issue be a stumbling block in the final negotiations before this unsigned battle?

We all hope not, of course. For now, though, Tyson Fury has made it clear once again that he’s the man in the driver’s seat as far as negotiations go/will lead to this fight.

YouTube video


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