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Vanessa Bryant gets £24m settlement over Kobe Bryant helicopter crash photos | NBA | sports

The lead attorney representing Los Angeles County, Myra Hashmul, claimed the settlement was ‘fair and reasonable’ and added that it ‘resolves all outstanding issues of legal claims pending in state court, future claims by the Bryant children, and other costs, with each party Responsible for his “attorney’s fees”.

Co-plaintiff Chris Chester, whose wife and daughter were also killed in the crash, has received a $19.95m (£16.7m) settlement.

In the aftermath of the incident, photos were reportedly shared between Los Angeles County Sheriff’s employees and fire departments, including those playing video games and at the aforementioned banquet.

During the 11-day trial in August 2022, Bryant testified that news of the photos only added to her extreme grief just one month after the accident, which led to panic attacks as she worried the photos would continue to circulate.


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