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Port Adelaide’s big-name recruit has produced exciting flashes but it was returning Oscar Allen who sparked West Coast’s comeback late on Friday night as the Eagles showed why they should not be underestimated in 2023.

Inspired by Jason Horne Francis’ strong start, the Force had an early advantage on the scoreboard and held an 18-point lead at the end of the third period.

But Allen, who scored three, scored a late goal in the third before West Coast held on in a thrilling goal-to-goal battle in the fourth quarter to seal the eight-point victory, 13.6 (84) to 11.10 (76), at Mineral Resources Park in a simulated match. .

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Match report quarter by quarter

West Coast hit the scoreboard first, with Andrew Gaff drifting forward and converting his set shot.

Port Adelaide got rid of the goals early on, but couldn’t fully capitalize on having fallen from behind three times in a row. But the Force appeared to be strong in transition, with the ball moving quickly from their defensive half.

But superstar Conor Rousey smashed a goal drought, swinging on his right boot and scoring a stunning goal. Then, the scrappy Eagles set up a set goal by Sam Powell-Pepper, who scored another goal minutes later as Port extended their lead to 15 points.

Star Jason Horne-Francis was a standout early recruit, putting in solid work on the ball before drifting forward and establishing Powell-Paper’s second major.

“It’s not bad to have Horn Francis going full forward out of the field after he catches the ball… It’s promising and exciting signs for Horn Francis,” Eagle Premier Will Schofield told Kayo Sports.

“I like the way you move.”

West Coast responded when mid-season pick Jay Cooley drifted forward and scored a neat run as the Force took a 10-point lead at half-time.

There was a nasty tackle early in the second quarter as veteran Travis Bock took a nasty kick to the back from Eagle’s Jeremy McGovern. Bock came to the bench and was taken down to the rooms for further evaluation.

“He’s in a world full of pain,” said commentator Mark Ridings.

Schofield added, “That’s not the connection you want in the second quarter of a preseason game.”

Minutes later, Rioli found himself freeing the full-back and ran into an open goal, drawing some half-hearted boos from the West Coast fans.

Then star midfielder Tim Kelly responded for the Eagles, running a try from outside 50 that ran across the goal, before Liam Ryan chipped in from a tight angle with the breeze as the Force’s lead was reduced to five points.

And when Greg Clark scored another set goal, West Coast shot to the lead for the first time in the game – a lead that was extended when Conor West got the ball close to goal.

But Rioli popped out again inside the Power 50 striker and walked for his second goal of the quarter-final to tie the game.

Horn Francis’ impressive half continued, his pinpoint pass to Orazio Fantasia who converted a set-piece goal and gave Port a five-point half-time lead.

The force at the main break confirmed Boak will not participate again in the match with a “full update” to be given once he is fully assessed.

Back on the field, Todd Marshall gave Port the perfect start, converting a set goal to extend the team’s lead. The readings said that the force appeared more “threatening” in front of the center.

And that continued as Fantasia won a free kick to catch and kicked his second goal as the Force went up by 18 points.

But West Coast responded late in the third season with three goals in a row to end the quarter, as Liam Duggan, Allen and Kelly leveled the scores at final change.

Allen’s third goal has given west coast fans great hope for the returning striker’s prospects in 2023.

“West Coast would be really happy to produce it… It was great today,” said Schofield.

The Force produced some exciting back-half running at the beginning of the fourth period, which led to a lightning touchdown goal by Jed McEntee.

But recruit Jayden Hunt responded quickly for West Coast, scoring quickly to give his team the lead again.

The goal-for-goal trend continued, though, as first-year Dante Visentini drifted forward to score, before Jack Petrochel came out of the pocket after a great Eagles build.

Then, first-round recruit Elijah Hewitt made an immediate impact on the Eagles, pounced on a loose ball at a 50 forward stoppage and grabbed a goal that delighted West Coast fans.

“Oh my God…we love what we see there,” said a stunned Scofield. “That was an amazing craft from a young man. This is a kid who had never played soccer before, and he hit the beam at full speed, with one touch, and slammed it into the trunk — but he did it in traffic, too.”

“You don’t see that from the big guys, so to see that from someone outside of the WAFL is special.”

Tensions ran high again as Rousey showed ample form to find McEntee, who scored his second goal and made it a two-point game with four minutes left in the game.

But the Eagles held their nerve on defense and then passed the ball forward to Jake Waterman, whose set shot hit the siren all the way for an eight-point victory.


3. Back Forward Balances Key to Eagles Success

Oscar Allen is back.

And for Premier Eagle Will Schofield, it just loomed large as the West Coast barometer for 2023.

Allen ran Friday night with the Eagles in his first outing in 18 months after a long road back from a strained foot injury.

And he couldn’t have been more impressive, kicking three goals, taking several powerful marks and topping the ball solidly as the Eagles won.

“He holds the key to West Coast’s success this year,” Schofield told Kayo Sports. People forget the track he was in before he missed last year with an injury.

“They missed him last year, but a good year for Oscar Allen is going to mean a good year for the West Coast Eagles.”

Prior to his injury, Allen had played in 21, 15, and 21 games from his previous three seasons.

With Josh Kennedy retired, the Eagles will need Allen to be a big presence in Inside 50 along with Jack Darling.

“He’s had 44 shots on goal in 2021,” Schofield said. “They’re going to hope to get a minimum of 50 from Oscar Allen this year and at least 30 goals.”

“But realistically, they would need 30 or 35 Oscar goals to play really good football.”

Elsewhere for the Eagles, recruit Jayden Hunt wowed, even pushing forward for a neat fourth-quarter goal as he ensured he would be a key member of West Coast’s top 22 squad this year.

And sophomore Campbell Chaser, who has been a sensation over the summer, had some flashy moments, including a terrific first-quarter collection and turnover that opened up an Eagles scoring opportunity.

“Campbell Chaseer was a real shining light for the West Coast,” Scofield said.

“I’ve seen enough to think he could make an impact as an NFL player in his second year on the roster. He looks good.”


After months of criticism and comments following his sensational trade from North Melbourne, Jason Horne-Francis let his team speak on Friday night. Port Adelaide fans loved what they saw.

Making his debut in the Force colors against an opposition club, Horn Francis gave the football world a glimpse of his potential as he loomed menacingly across various parts of Mineral Resources Park.

Horn Francis, who was central to last year’s massive four-way trade, was inserted into the Port Adelaide brigade on the ball straight away, and spent most of the first quarter on the ball.

Then he stepped forward and made an immediate impact, setting up a goal for Sam Powell Pepper.

“It’s not bad to have Horn Francis going full forward out of the field after he catches the ball… It’s promising and exciting signs for Horn Francis,” Eagle Premier Will Schofield told Kayo Sports. “I like the way you move.”

Horn Francis, who was captured by the Kangaroos with Pick 1 in the 2021 draft before joining Port Adelaide 11 months later, then burst into a classy play late in the second quarter, accelerating off center rebound clearance, shaped himself up and put in an impressive performance. An assist to Orazio Fantasia, who then headed home from a set piece.

“Young players tend to get the ball and kick the ball when they feel pressure. But Jason Horne-Francis got more time when he got that ball.

“He took five steps more than usual, steadied, found the space and put it on a plate (for Fantasia).”

Horn Francis’ production dipped in the second half as he struggled to get his hands on the football. But the peeps have been promising.

“He’s done some really good things especially with the ball. I think as a younger player you go into these games with older players and more mature bodies and you can see he’s not quite as strong as he is against younger players. But he’ll be a player,” Schofield said. Cool.”

1. Panic over an energy star injury

The one thing teams don’t want to get out of the bullpen before the season is injuries.

If there are injuries, you definitely don’t want them to your stars.

That’s why some of the tension was stirred up when Travis Bock bore the brunt of Jeremy McGovern early in the second half, with an attempted spoil from Eagles defender leaving Boak in a bad way.

“He’s in a world full of pain,” said commentator Mark Ridings.

Schofield added, “That’s not the connection you want in the second quarter of a preseason game.”

Poke came up from the floor and was evaluated in the rooms and was quickly eliminated from the match.

Considering how much of a role injury and lack of availability played in Port Adelaide’s dismal start to the season last season, Ken Hinckley will be hoping that one of his best players did not shake or fall short of his best in their Round 1 clash with Brisbane.

Teammate Miles Bergman was taken off the ground later in the match, but in better news was his withdrawal for purely administrative reasons.

Key forward Charlie Dixon was slated to line up with the Force, but was a late withdrawal due to bruised intercostal muscles from last week’s indoor trial.


1. Liam Ryan, 2. Jake Waterman, 3. Andrew Gaff, 4. Dom Sheed, 5. Jayden Hunt, 6. Elliot Yeo, 8. Elijah Hewett, 10. Samo Petrevski-Seton, 11. Tim Kelly, 12. Oscar Allen, 14. Liam Duggan, 15. Jamie Krebs, 16. Luke Edwards, 18. Campbell Chaser, 19. Brady Hogg, 20. Jeremy McGovern, 21. Jack Petruchel, 22. Isiah Winder, 23. Alex Witherden, 24. Xavier O’Neal, 25. Shannon Horn, 26. Zane Trio, 28. Tom Cole, 29. Luke Foley, 32. Billy Williams, 35. Josh Rootham, 36. Connor West, 37. Tom Barras, 39. Greg Clark, 40 . Callum Jamieson, 42. Harry Edwards, 44. Noah Long, 45. Coby Burgiel, 49. Jai Culley

Notable absentees: Jack Darling, Nick Naitanui, Luke Choi, Robin Jinbe, Jamin Jones


1. Tom Jonas, 2. Sam Powell Paper, 3. Ryan Burton, 4. Todd Marshall, 5. Dan Huston, 6. Ken Farrell, 7. Xavier Duresma, 10. Travis Book, 12. Trent McKenzie, 13. Orazio Fantasia , 14. Miles Bergman, 15. Junior Rioli, 16. Ollie Wines, 18. Jason Horne-Francis, 19. Mitch Georgiades, 20. Connor Rozee, 21. Aliir Aliir, 22. Charlie Dixon, 23. Dylan Williams, 25 Sam Hayes, 26. Riley Bonner, 27. Brynn Tickley, 28. William Drew, 29. Scott Lysette, 34. Lachy Jones, 36. Jas Burgoyne, 38. Dante Visentini, 41. Jed McEntee, 44. Jackson Mead

Notable absentees: Zack Butters, Darcy Burne-Jones, Frances Evans, Jeremy Finlayson, Josh Sen, Tom Cleory, Trent Dumont

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