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‘You never know in boxing’ says De La Hoya when asked if he could work with Canelo again

As fight fans are aware, Oscar De La Hoya and Canelo Alvarez broke up some time ago, with the two falling out both professionally and personally. Since the breakup the two have traded some nasty insults. With De La Hoya, in another criticism of Canelo, recently stating how, in his opinion, Canelo has lowered the quality of the opponent he is fighting; This digs into Canelo’s upcoming fight with John Ryder.

However, promoter Oscar did not rule out the possibility of working again with Canelo someday in the future. A revival of this star power seems unlikely, but as De La Hoya said when speaking on the DAZN Boxing Show, “You never know in boxing.”

“I think if given the chance, you would never know in boxing,” De La Hoya said when asked if he would work again with the star he once promoted. “Outside the ring, we have the knowledge and experience, we are promoters who know what we’re doing. Imagine Canelo returning to Golden Boy for a huge fight, that would be an event in itself. I wish Canelo all the best, he’s building his legacy and I want him to have these great fights to continue building his legacy because he’s at the end of the day.” Now he has an injury to his hand and who knows how he’s going to perform when he’s fighting, but you want to know as a fighter when you’re in those last fights of your career, you want to get the most out of it, you want to fight the best.”

Speaking of his desire to fight the best, Canelo says he’ll rematch Dmitri Bivol later this year (assuming, of course, that he beats Ryder) — and at 175 pounds again. De La Hoya only sees one winner here.

“Look, styles make battles and I’ve always said Canelo’s style wouldn’t outshine Bivol’s,” Oscar said. “It is written in stone.”

Canelo, if he heard what his former promoter had to say about his chances of Biffol’s return, he might feel even more anger and hatred towards his ex-boyfriend and promoter. But is Oscar right, will Biffol always be all kinds of wrong for Canelo? Would De La Hoya look to put Canelo in different fights if he was still working with Alvarez today? Canelo is his boss, though, as we know.

Which is more likely: Canelo working with De La Hoya again, or Canelo getting revenge on Bivol?


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