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Your Tinder profile is about to change in three huge ways

Tinder’s dating app gives users a sneak peek into the life of a potential match before they decide if they’re compatible by swiping, but now more information will be displayed in full. Following the update posted today, desired relationship types, person pronouns, and relationship goals will now appear front and center on user profiles as badges located just below a person’s name and age.

Updated information has been added in order to improve clarity for all users. According to a survey conducted by Tinder, 73% of Tinder users say they are looking for someone on the app who knows what they want and is clear about it. Tinder’s newfound focus is clarity when it comes to the type of relationship a person is looking for that aims to help streamline interactions, and weed out any matches that come from false expectations.

Image of two iPhones showing the new badges coming to Tinder.
Tinder Tinder

The information that comes with the update isn’t new to Tinder users as many of them explicitly mention desired relationship types in their bio, although not everyone does. With the official additions to each profile users can now make faster decisions about who they are looking to match with.

The options available to users aim to provide a lot of detail in just a small space. For example, there are five different relationship type setting options to include relationships like monogamy, polyamory, and more. Likewise, Pronoun Options allows users to choose four pronouns to display on their profile from a list of 15 options. Users can set one of six relationship goals as a profile badge as well to help describe what they’re most looking for out of Tinder with options like “long term relationship,” “open short to long term,” “still finding out” and more.

We hope the updated profile badges will help match more people with compatible users and find what they’re looking for faster without having to resort to the same conversations that deal with asking about intent and goals.

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